Social Media is a sensation in this day and age. It has been a platform for people to make and pursue some of the most creative and exciting careers. But that creativity is facing a dip, for some of us have started using stock images, that just add to the noise on social media, instead of standing out.


Dr. Seuss rightly said, “Why to fit in when you were born to Stand Out!” Stock photos will just make your page look dull and boring, to stand out, you will have to create unique and interesting. Best practices we follow in making graphic designs:



As basic as it can sound, using a splash of bold and bright colors with minimal designs can make your creatives explode across all the social media platforms. Now is the time to play with colors!



Use of icons instead of regular fonts. Creatives can be made eye-catching and easy to understand with the use of icons with bold backgrounds to create fun and modern graphics.



Own what you make. Putting extra efforts into making what you put online means that it’ll be unique to your brand and the copyright lies with you!



Numbers speak louder. Make the data look interesting and beautiful. One of the most versatile ways to stand out is to put real-time facts in a graphically appealing manner.



Quotes are inspiring and motivating. Start your blog by adding a title with a background in a creative. In short, make typography the focus of your creatives.


GIFs, Videos, and Cinemographs

This bubbling new trend has a striking effect on the audience. It sets your content apart from the rest along with giving it a strong recall value.


In the end, all you got to do is:

Set a goal, keep it simple, and focus on what’s important. And voila! You will have a scroll stopping effect on your audience.