It’s not just writing blog articles, it is so much more than that. Content writing is giving words to the brand’s vision and, in a way, telling its story. It has a very wide range:


Social media posts

Video scripts

Web pages

Emails& SMSs

Public Relations


Just to name a few.


All of these require their own special seasoning before they are served.

As it’s rightly quoted by Leo Burnett, “Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”


But how?

Create a flow. This eases the process of writing, as we have a direction as well as thoughts to put to paper.


Make It Memorable

  • Use a template
  • Use trending words or top-performing content
  • Use previous content which performed well
  • And be honest, always be honest!


Crisp, Easy, Fun and Unique

Yes, your content needs to be all of the above.

It needs to grab people’s attention and, more importantly, keep it!

The easier your content is to understand, the harder are the thoughts put behind it.

Keep it fun to read, else your audience will get distracted and probably click on something else.

Each month, 70 million new posts appear on WordPress alone, that’s something to compete, right? But what will make you unique? An angle of approach, honesty, and efforts – all in the right direction!


The Right Direction

Communicate: You need to talk to your audience in a language that they relate to. Inform them. Educate them about your product. Engage with them.

Research: An anchor is a very important part of the ship. Similarly, research is the stem of any good content generation. Research what floats and what sinks.

Convey: The main aim should be to passionately storytelling about your brand. To captivate the audience and to engage with them.

Contemporalities: Trends change, and adapting to that change is important in creating content. Each type of content differs and needs a personal touch.


Bringing the best practice to optimize the performance of the content is very crucial. It builds a rapport with the consumers and is something that always makes them come back. Let’s not be afraid to adapt to the trends and create some fine content.