Influencer Marketing. I am sure most millennials, even the Gen Zs, reading this article know about it or are pursuing it. But for those who are wondering what it means, let me walk you through.


Influencer marketing uses the key leaders to convey the brand’s message to their large set of audience through blogging or via social media.


Trust. Easy to break and very difficult to build. But the influencers, as we all know, help our brand to build trust among their fans. They have an extreme “influence” on their followers and they help us bridge the trust gap between our brand and the people.


Brands bank upon these influencers to give them genuine feedback on the product. Post usage recommends the same to their followers through the blogs. So which one are you? The earlier or the latter? Either way, let’s explore some reasons to decipher why blog content is so valuable.


Search Engine Optimization

Influencers have a huge number of following and any kind of traffic on their article about your brand means more eyeballs to your brand (backlinking).


Blogs Are Valuable

In this new age of quick solutions to every damn thing, long-form content still holds more value in comparison to short write-up on social media. Blogs let the influencer express deeper and, in turn, allows their audience to learn more about your brand. They also build more credibility than social media. This is because a personal touch is often considered to be more authentic.


A Forever Connection

Social media posts have an impact of two days, max. Stories, on the other hand, have 24 hours viewership and if you don’t see it on the day of the post, then you are most likely to never see it again. Blogs are eternal, they can be viewed, interacted, and shared years after they’ve been published. The can be easily fetched and hence, live a lifetime.


Measurable Web Traffic Driver

While collaborating with influencers, brands need to know what end results they are most likely to achieve. Blogs allow you to track who has come to your article and where they went through your page. ROI, referrals, leads, and sales through backlinking gets is a crazily efficient way of tracking your web traffic


To conclude, if you are thinking of marketing in the influencer space, you definitely need to combine it with blogging. Test some strategies, try new execution plans, and let us help you with our connections to yield the most fruitful results.